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Gigaset DX800 Small Business Telephone System

The high-end hybrid desktop phone for VoIP and ISDN or fixed line calling. The Gigaset DX800A all in one is the professional multiline desktop phone for small offices and home offices. From its comfortably modern design to its large 3.5 TFT colour display, this corded phone has executive chic and the business-like functionality to match. […]

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Hello Social Media

We’re just putting the finishing touches to our new website that is dedicated to Virtual Assistants, remote workers, home based businesses and other micro businesses who want a VoIP phone system with the big business features and flexibility but the small business price and ease of use. We’ve also set up our new Facebook page, […]

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Separating Business and Personal Phones

The other day I was chatting with a virion VoIP user to see what she really thought about our phones and service. I was looking for a straight, down the line, honest response from a real person and here’s what I discovered. The main thing that stood out to me was when she mentioned ‘getting […]

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Don’t Waste Money On Necessities

All businesses care about their bottom line. We’re talking about business profits; not about models walking down a runway hoping things don’t get a little cheeky! We’ve launched a new service focused on the needs of the small business owner, the soloist and the home-based worker. We understand that more than any other business, you would be […]

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A Totally Flexible Phone Solution

I was chatting to a Virtual Assistant the other day and she was explaining how she carries a separate pre-paid mobile phone for her client. This client has a 1300 business number as she wanted a phone number that would be hers forever. However, the call costs when someone calls this number and it’s diverted to […]

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Looking Forward To The Future

Today’s world is frantic! If you’re not up-to-date with technology, you feel like you’re drowning in the big sea of confusion. My 12 year old son knows how to program a television better than I do these days – the amount of buttons, digital this and that has me stumped! But keeping abreast of business technology […]

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Straying From Tradition

I still remember waking up extremely early on a Saturday morning when I was a kid to watch ‘The Jetsons’. How cool were they; so advanced for their time. I loved Rosie, the robot maid. Now as a mother, I wish I had Rosie the robot maid! Then Saturday nights involved the family sitting around […]

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Personalised Business VoIP Phone Systems

I’m under the impression that cavemen weren’t business people. You never see a cave painting of a mobile phone do you? Or a cartoon strip of a scruffy caveman holding a phone – it’s always his bat. Move forward thousands of years and you realise a business is lost without a phone system. Can you […]

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Bringing Style To Your Business

Who stands waiting in a supermarket queue and casually picks up a magazine to check out the latest celebrity style and gossip? I do, and sometimes I get so involved in my page flicking that the person behind me gives a polite ‘ahem’ to get me moving along. No matter how into trends we are, […]

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Voicemail To Email

The team at virion VoIP love feedback. Your opinion is what drives us towards excellence so always feel free to tell us what you think. It’s by knowing our customers that we can pass on the benefits of a brilliant service to you. Recently we asked customers what they found beneficial about virion VoIP. The […]

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