Auto Attendant (IVR / Digital Assistant)

Auto-attendant-IVR-Digital-Assistant-Call-FlowWhat is an Auto Attendant

This service is given many names including Auto or Digital Assistant or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) but essentially it is a menu system that enables the caller to choose from a number of different options. The option they choose determines where their call is sent.

Why do Companies Use an Auto Attendant

It’s great for small businesses who use virtual assistants from Australia or around the world because the person doesn’t need to be in your office, they can be anywhere.

Auto Attendants also make a company seem larger and more organised so it will make the business more attractive to customers who not only get directly to the person they want to speak with but know that they can get directly to other departments within the company.

An Auto Attendant is a service that anyone can sign up to and you don’t need a phone system. We can create an Auto Attendant in the cloud and point the menu options to various numbers you may already have.

How Does it Work?

This diagram shows you an example of a typical configuration. A voice recording guides the caller to the correct department and the technology enables the call to be delivered, directed and captured if none of your team are available.

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