What is a CloudPBX

CloudPBX Hosted VoIP PBX LogoA CloudPBX is a hosted telephone system that can be accessed via the Internet to enable your business telephone system to perform the functions expected. It is part of the wave of migration from servers located in an office that need to be managed (upgraded, updated, backed up etc) by your local IT consultant to a service that is managed for you in a data centre.

The benefit of a CloudPBX is that the configuration and systems that manage your call handling for your telephone system are managed by experts in the telecommunications field. That the equipment is housed in telecommunications grade data centres, with backup, redundancy and all of the features that businesses want in an IT solution. The fact that is is managed by a telecommunications company for you and many other customers means that you don’t need to worry about finding and paying for an IT consultant to manage your telephone system. Another benefit is that the settings and configuration can be changed without paying an IT consultant a call out fee AND their hourly rate.

With a CloudPBX the only configuration you need to worry about is your Internet connection, your network switch, your cabling and your IP telephones. The IP Telephones are configured to work with the CloudPBX and all they need is power and a broadband Internet connection to the CloudPBX.

Here are some commonly use terms and features of a CloudPBX.

Phone Extensions

An extension is an internal answering point, a phone that can be accessed using the internal office phone system numbering regime as opposed to a telephone number (commonly called a DID – Direct Indial Number).

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Call Forwarding and Diversion

Call Forward is the capability to have a call diverted to another number if the number that someone calls is either Busy or Not answered.

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Call Transfer Methods

Call Transfer is the capability to transfer a caller that you are speaking to to another person (or telephone extension). You can also transfer callers to a telephone number outside of the extensions in your office.

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Direct InDial Numbers (DID)

A Direct InDial number is a phone number. The main difference between a DID and an extension is the capability for customers to call a particular extension (telephone handset) from outside the company and get directly to the person at that extension. It’s a good way to offer excellent customer service to important clients.

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Music On Hold

Music On Hold gives your callers something interesting to listen to while they are waiting. This was a big deal in the early days of business telephone systems because the default music was chimes!

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Marketing Numbers

The simplest and quickest way to get started with VoIP is to use our marketing numbers service. You simply sign up for one number — or ten — and tell us where you want them to be answered. We get your account up and running within 48 hours of signup.

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This is a service you can sign up for once your account and your VoIP numbers have been established. It enables you to capture all calls and have the callers message sent to you as an audio attachment. It means you can get the message quickly and easily and even forward it on to another person.

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Auto Attended (IVR)

This service can make your business appear bigger than it is or it can simply enable calls to be directed to the correct department straight away. It is another service that can be established once you have your VIRION VoIP account.

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Call Groups

This enables many staff to answer the phone for their area, eg. sales, customer service etc. It’s a great way to help customers quickly and make customer service competitive in your business.

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Calling Line Indicator

If you have more than one brand and more than one number you can configure your VoIP Telephone System to show you who the caller is calling for. Give better customer service and promote yourself under several brands.

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Line Hunt (Follow-Me)

Line Hunt is the capability to have an inbound caller forwarded from one telephone to another in a pre-determined order. In a typical small office the receptionist may be the first in the list and if he/she doesn’t answered her phone the next handset rings.

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Call Queue

A Call Queue enables customers to hold on a call knowing that agents (your staff) will be able to tend to them when they are finished the call they are currently on. It’s common for callers to receive a greeting every minute or so to let them know their place in the queue.

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Business Telephone Systems

Once these features are setup and working in the CloudPBX your handsets need to be setup to work with it.



Gigaset DX800A VoIP Telephone System






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