Blind and Assisted Call Transfer

What is Call Transfer?

Call Transfer is the capability to transfer a caller that you are speaking to to another person (or telephone extension). You can also transfer callers to a telephone number outside of the extensions in your office. The purpose of a call transfer is to enable the caller to speak to the right person for the enquiry or question they have.

Types of Call Transfer

Call Transfer Assisted

The most polite way to transfer a phone call is called an assisted call transfer. This enables the agent (your staff member) to dial up an extension (or an external phone number), speak to that person about the person who is calling and then let the call go to that person. This way the person receiving the call can be briefed about the caller, their name and company and their situation or needs and get straight to helping them. It makes the caller feel special because they don’t have to repeat themselves over and over again.

Blind Call Transfer

This happens when the receptionist or person currently speaking to the caller transfers them to another extension (or external number) without announcing the caller to the new call recipient. Although some people believe this is efficient use of time, it tends to be seen as frustrating by the caller and shows lacklustre customer service.

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