Direct InDial Number (DID)

What is a Direct InDial Number (DID)?

A Direct InDial number is a phone number. The main difference between a DID and an extension is the capability for customers to call a particular extension (telephone handset) from outside the company and get directly to the person at that extension. It’s a good way to offer excellent customer service to important clients.

Does a DID Require a New Copper Wire?

A great feature about VoIP and the digitisation of telephony is that a telephone number is now a virtual thing. It is very similar to a domain name that points to a server where a website is hosted – a phone number is configured in a VoIP telephone system and enables the number to be used from anywhere in the world!

Many people still associated a telephone number with a copper cable (lines) coming into the office but because VoIP uses your broadband Internet you don’t need any extra lines – just a good broadband Internet service.

You can now have a Hosted PBX without the high capital expense and have remote telephone extensions all over the country.

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