Telephone Extensions

What is a Phone Extension?

An extension is an internal end point, a phone that can be accessed using the internal office phone system numbering regime as opposed to a telephone number (commonly called a DID – Direct Indial Number).

An extension is commonly a 3-5 digit number that can be called internally at no cost to the caller – because it’s internal. For example one staff member can call accounts on 5001 knowing that is the internal number (extension) for the accounts person. This feature is fantastic in a CloudPBX scenario where the call can be to anyone in the country (or the world for that matter).

Can a Telephone Extension be a Phone Number?

Yes. More and more companies these days are giving their staff Direct Indial telephone numbers that ring at their handset. This enables special customers to get direct contact to someone who can solve any issues they may have. Some phone systems enable this direct dialling functionality at their Auto Attendant, by asking the caller to enter the extension of the person they are calling – if they know it.

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