Your virion phone system comes with features normally available only to much larger companies and voip functionality gives you productive tools that you can take advantage of to help your own customers.

Portable and flexible phone numbers

Your Siemens Gigaset VoIP phone system can be configured with up to 6 voip numbers. You can also assign a different business name to each number so that when a customer calls you can see which business they are calling and answer the phone accordingly.

If you are a Virtual Assistant (or home/remote worker) you can now offer a full phone answering service for your customers OR just look after inbound calls for their accounts receivable. The possibilities that are now available using cloud based technology are amazing.

You can answer the phone for several of your customers in their own business name and provide them with a wider range of services than you have been offering up till now.

If you are a business owner you can now have several numbers that can all be answered in the one place so you can measure which advertising is working the best. We have had several customers order a range of numbers and then measure the success of their advertising by looking at the calls coming into these numbers.

Remote Support

Your Siemens Telephone System needs to be configured to work with your business grade VoIP service and we have negotiated the services of a remote support organisation to help ensure that your system is configured and working. We also provide training material to help you setup the system yourself .

It is always recommended that you consult your IT Consultant for any issue that relates to connecting devices to your home/office network as they will be the most aware of your circumstances and can perform IT tasks in your home/office if required.

Measure your call costs

If you operate in a combined work space where there are several individuals each person can have their own phone and that phone can be configured to make outbound calls on their own VoIP phone number(s). When you receive your monthly VoIP invoice you also receive a call report in a digital format that shows exactly which number has made each call and the total cost so you can easily itemise the bill. If you have some good spreadsheet skills you can perform more complex functions to get even more information.

Transfer calls

You can easily transfer calls from one handset to the other using the functionality on the handset.

Most inexpensive phone systems up until now don’t have the functionality to do simple call transfers so they are difficult to use in an office environment but the Siemens Gigaset phone systems eliminate that problem with easy call transfer and even easier interoffice calling.

Did you know that when you call (or transfer calls) from one office to another office that uses virion, that the transfer is free of charge?

Itemised digital call report

You might think that itemised phone bills have been around for a long time and they have, but this system provides you with a call report in a CSV format which means you can open the call report in Excel and perform any number of calculations or charts to truly understand your call spending patterns and identify ways of becoming more savvy with your phone calling.

Take your number with you

Your phone number is now a cloud based service which means you can take it with you, anywhere. If you move down the road you can take your Siemens Gigaset phone system with you and simply plug it into your internet – your phone number comes with you. But you can also move interstate and even overseas and provided you have good quality internet you can take your phone number with you.

We’ve tested it in Hong Kong. We took a phone with us to Hong Kong, plugged it into the Internet plug and we made calls as if we were calling from Australia.

Flat rate local and national calls

virion offer a flat rate to any local or national number in Australia. You can speak as long as you want without worrying about how much you pay for the call. If you have a colleague who uses virion then the call is free!

No flag-fall

Some telephone companies try tricky billing tactics to ensure they make more money out of you by using what is called a flag-fall fee. This is essentially a cost to successfully connect your call. Once connected, the timed charges start applying. virion instead offers simple call rates.

Fixed price for local and national no matter how long you speak

Low priced international calls that are charged by the minute

VoIP rates for mobile phones that are displayed as per minute, but only charged per second you are on the call, no flag-fall.

Call Groups

Often, when the phone rings you’ll want several people in your office to be able to answer the call so you’d setup a call group. The Siemens Gigaset phone system enables you to setup a call group for each inbound VoIP phone number!

You can now get quite imaginative in handing out the responsibility for who answers which calls. It also enables you to create different in dial numbers for sales, customer service and accounts to help better manage the handling of your inbound calls.

30-Day No-Risk VoIP Trial

The virion 30-Day No-Risk Trial period provides you with peace of mind of our commitment  to top quality VoIP services. We are 100% convinced that you will be happy with our VoIP service that we offer a 30 day No-Risk Trial period.

It is important for you to be aware of the fact that the quality and features of your broadband service has the most significant impact on call quality and connection so you must ensure that your current broadband plan has sufficient upload and download capabilities to support a VoIP telephone service. Please feel free to test the upload and down speed of your broadband service using SpeedTest.net.

Your Siemens phone system comes with a statutory 12 month money back guarantee or replacement guarantee if it is found to be faulty.

At this site we also provide you with Cumulo Remote Support to help in every way we can to ensure that your new phone system is configured to be used with your virion VoIP service. The normal virion term for service is 12 months, but you can cancel your service within the first 30 days from ordering and only pay for the services you have used if you are not satisfied.



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