How it works

Broadband Internet

The quality of your Broadband Internet access is critical if you wish to use it for your business phone calls and take advantage of cheap VoIP rates, plus other call handling features.

Important things to consider:

  • Download and upload speeds (when you make calls, it is important that you have a good upload speed because that affects the quality of the voice data you send out).
  • Quality of your modem (should have the ability to optimise for Voice data… called QoS – Quality of Service). This means that if there is a lot of voice and data traffic on your network, the voice traffic will be given priority.
  • No tapering or shaping. Normally when you reach your download limit the speed of your connection is slowed down considerably. This is not ideal for voice communication because it renders the connection useless. Use a service that does not taper (but charges for excess usage) or a service that emails you with notification that you are close to your monthly quota (like iiNet).
  • Use a Business grade plan because it is expected that you need the service up and running (with no downtime) most of the time. If this is critical see if your ISP has an SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Ensure that your Business grade Broadband has been prioritised for Voice.

If you have more than 6 extensions we recommend a dedicated VoIP ADSL service for your voice traffic. Please contact virion for ADSL pricing.

Line Subscriptions

The term ‘line’ is usually associated with a copper wire coming into your office. This line normally comes with the functionality to allow you to make voice calls and each one comes with its own “telephone number”. With a VoIP Telephone system PBX the meaning is different.

Because you are using your Broadband Internet access to “transport” your calls, the term line (also known as a channel, extension or Subscription) is now used to describe the ability to “handle” more than one concurrent conversation (at the same time). It also includes features like the ability to:

  • Put a call on hold
  • Transfer calls
  • Have music on hold and transfer
  • Allow for Direct indial to each extension (saves having to route the call through reception)
  • Separate voicemail for each extension

Every subscription comes with a Direct Indial Number (called a DID). You can choose whether to make these numbers known to your customers (have them call you directly, bypassing Reception), or have every call go through reception before they get to you.

A great feature of VoIP business grade Telephone systems is that each Subscription with voicemail can have the voicemail messages emailed to the user of that extension.

VoIP Telephone System Setup

What happens when your main incoming phone number is called? Do you want the reception phone to ring and then forward to another handset after 10 seconds? If that’s not answered, would you like the call to go to voicemail?

Call handling options to consider are:

  • If the reception phone isn’t answered in X seconds, where should it be routed to?
  • Would you like more than one phone to ring when the main line is called?
  • Which DID (phone number) would you like to allocate to each person.
  • Would you like to have abbreviated dialling so it’s easy to transfer calls from extension to extension.

You CloudPBX needs to be configured before any of the handsets will work. Once phone numbers are allocated, users assigned and created in the cloud, then the handsets can be configured to connect to your CloudPBX.

When you place your order, you will be assigned a virion business consultant who will help you with your system setup and service feature. Your consultant will communicate with our technical team and your onsite consultant to ensure your service is setup and running smoothly.

IP Telephone Handsets

IP stands for Internet Protocol and the great feature about IP Phones and business grade VoIP telephone systems is that each handset is smart and can be configured separately. Each VoIP handset is configured to work with the your virion business grade voip service so if you move, you can take the whole phone system with you.

Purchasing your phone system and handset from this site ensures that you are purchasing a new phone system, shipped directly to you with the correct configuration settings for your virion business grade voip services.

Unlike some telephone companies the products we supply are completed unlocked which means you are free to reconfigure them to use with any service provider. Some companies provide you with the hardware and charge you to have it unlocked – We Don’t.

IP Phone Handset Configuration

There are some fundamental questions that need to be answered whenever a new IP handset is configured. This includes information like which phone and DID (direct Indial Number) is allocated to which employee.

Things to consider are:

  • Do you want speed dialing for commonly called numbers (and ease of transfer)?
  • Which voip account to use for outgoing calls?
  • Which DID (phone number) would you like to allocate to each person?
  • Do you want a call group?
  • Which phones should be part of each call group?

Your virion business grade service needs to be setup, then your base station and handsets setup. Once phone numbers are allocated, users assigned and created in the cloud, then the handsets can be configured to connect to your voip service.

We provide you with basic training tools so that an employ or onsite technical consultant can configured the devices for basic call flow. The configuration of the phones is normally performed by your onsite consultant. They can also help make other changes to your handsets if required.

Low VoIP calling rates

virion uses the highest business grade vodecs and whitelist international carriers to ensure that along with cheap call rates, your business has the highest voice quality. These rates are approximately half of Telstra’s normal retail call rates which represent a huge saving. Prices do not include GST and are available on the Stratus Call Plan with Direct Debit authority.

Calls to local numbers 10c untimed
Calls to national landlines 10c untimed
Calls from extension to extension FREE – even if they are remote
Calls to Australian mobile numbers 20c per minute billed by the second with no flag fall charge
Popular International Destinations
Charged by the minute
China 3.9c
Singapore 2.9c
UK 2.9c
USA 2.9c
New Zealand 2.9c
Hong Kong 2.9c
Taiwan 2.9c
Canada 2.1c

Click here to see the full list of international destinations and call rates

Your Telstra number

Using your Telstra number is easy. We simply setup a call diversion immediate on your Telstra phone number to your main virion indial number. This means that everyone who calls your normal number will be answered on your new Voice over IP phones. There is a cost for the diversion for each incoming call, but this only temporary before we transfer your Telstra number to virion and you start paying half price for it.

Transferring a number to virion is called “Porting” and its a process that can take 1-2 weeks to complete, but once its complete you will no longer be paying high monthly rates through Telstra for your phone service.

If you decide that you want to keep your Telstra service (proper name is a PSTN service) you can use it as what is called failover in case your broadband internet fails and you want to make or receive calls.


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