Powerful, yet simple

The VoIP phone system can be expanded up to 6 handsets, using 2 VoIP subscriptions and 1 normal PSTN line. This means that you can use the system in conjunction with your existing Telstra line (technically it’s called a PSTN line). They often call this failover so that you can still make and receive calls if your broadband internet service goes down.

Handset identifies the inbound caller

You can now operate a small business from home or a small office that answers calls on behalf of your clients. The VoIP Phone System allows up to 6 VoIP numbers to be configured and these numbers can be connected with a short description (name) so that when a customer calls in, the handset will tell you which number they are calling in on!

Better than that, you can now provide people in your office with a handset which can be configured so that all the outbound calls they make go through a specific VoIP account. You can keep track of your cost centres! Using these features you can provide telephony services to people who use your office or have them set up their own VoIP account to cater for their own billing.

Call Diversion

Your new VoIP Phone System can be configured to handled calls if you are currently on the phone or away from your desk. This enables you to have control over your customers experience when they call you.

Call records as a spreadsheet

Unlike traditional telephone companies, virion customer receive a monthly call report in a format (CSV) which can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application like Google Apps etc. Once you have the data, you can start to use advanced analytic tools within the spreadsheet to get important data about your phone usage.