Cisco Business Telephone System

Cisco Small Business Phone System

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The Cisco small business phone system is cheap because each handset is configured to communicate with the CloudPBX, eliminating the need to buy and maintain expensive hardware in your office. Learn more about the CloudPBX Hosted VoIP system.

System Configuration

The configuration of your Cisco business phones and the Hosted (CloudPBX) VoIP system is completed by our telephone system technicians and tested before it is delivered to your office. That includes an Auto Attendant, Voicemail to email, number configuration, forwarding rules and handset allocation for each of your staff members.

Digital Call Services

It’s a cheap Cisco phone system because we have in-house voice talent to record your Auto Attendant and Voicemail greetings.

Cheap and VoIP Unlimited Call Rates

Cisco-Unified-IP-Phone-7941G-300x240It’s a cheap Cisco phone system because you get unlimited local and national calls on our cumulus call plan.

Cheap on a 12 Month Contract

It’s a cheap Cisco phone system when you commit to a 12 months contract.

Included in the Office Phone System

  • 4 or more VoIP Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited local and national landline calls
  • Voicemail-to-Email Service
  • 4 x Cisco VoIP Phone Handsets
  • Phone System Configuration
  • Delivery to your office

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