Hunt Group: Streamlining Call Distribution

Optimize Your Team's Call Handling with Hunt Group

Aria Telco Management’s Hunt Group feature is designed to streamline the distribution of incoming calls across your team. This system intelligently routes calls to a group of pre-selected extensions, ensuring balanced workload and prompt customer responses. It’s an essential tool for businesses seeking to optimize their call handling processes and enhance team efficiency.
Choose from our diverse range of communication plans, all including the Hunt Group feature, and ensure your business enjoys effective and balanced call distribution.

Balanced Call Distribution for Maximum Efficiency

The Hunt Group feature provides a systematic approach to call distribution, ensuring that incoming calls are evenly spread across your team, avoiding overburdening individual members and improving overall response times.

Advantages of Using Hunt Group in Your Business

Enhanced Team Productivity

With calls being distributed evenly, team members can manage their workload more effectively, leading to increased productivity and better customer service.

Customizable Distribution Patterns

Tailor the call distribution to meet your team's structure and workflow. Choose from various distribution patterns like linear, circular, or simultaneous ringing to best suit your business needs.

Reduced Caller Wait Times

By distributing calls efficiently, Hunt Group helps in significantly reducing caller wait times, enhancing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of positive engagement.

Scalability for Growing Businesses

As your business grows, the Hunt Group feature can easily adapt, accommodating more team members and extensions without compromising on call handling efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hunt Group Settings Be Adjusted Based on Business Hours?

es, you can adjust Hunt Group settings to align with your business hours, ensuring that calls are distributed appropriately during different times of the day or week.

How Does Hunt Group Handle After-Hours Calls?

 For after-hours calls, you can configure the Hunt Group to redirect calls to a voicemail system or an on-call service, ensuring that no call goes unanswered.

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