Cloud based phone feature for extended holidays

Feeling like staying on holiday a little longer, but keen to make it look like you’re officially back on deck?

When it comes to having the flexibility to work from anywhere – without letting your clients know you’re not in the office – there’s nothing quite like a cloud phone system.

Also known as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, these phones are hosted and stored digitally, rather than in a physical location. That means they run over the internet and do away with the need for the hardware required (no wires!) to run a traditional phone setup, which makes them more affordable, especially as they can still make international and interstate calls.

Cloud phone systems also requires fewer (or no) in-house IT resources, and their internet-based nature makes them infinitely flexible, clear and reliable for businesses.

Cloud phone system flexibility

  • A phone system that runs over a secure internet connection is powered by software that sits in the cloud. The upside of this is that the system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, using any device that can go online. It can be logged into from a computer, laptop, desk or mobile phone using an app and (if desired) a highly portable headset.
  • It doesn’t matter if you or your team needs to work from home, on the road, a different (even international) office, a coworking space, from a hotel room while overseas on business – or from a holiday location – a cloud phone system makes it possible to still make and answer work calls professionally.
  • Better yet, these app-based systems allow users to keep the same local phone number – no matter from where or how they’re using it – so no one will know where you are based. This is ideal for remote, travelling and work from home (WFH) staff.
  • With a cloud system, web conferencing and video calls are simple to make and receive from any location with a stable internet connection, making them highly flexible.
  • It’s easy to add new phone extensions on cloud systems when call volume increases, when staff numbers grow or when you open a new location. Likewise, you can easily take them away – and you only pay when you need them.

Cloud phone system clarity

  • The latest cloud / VoIP phone systems offer excellent quality audio and video calls using high speed internet connections.
  • Some systems even embrace high-definition voice technology for a superior, crystal clear communication experience, technology not available with traditional phones.

Cloud phone system reliability

  • When staff are struggling to get to the office (due to traffic, public health or weather issues, for example), having a cloud phone system means less chance of business operations being interrupted, as they can log into the system from any location.
  • With traditional phones, if the system goes down, outages are experienced. With cloud phones, data centre outages aren’t a problem because, if one centre is having issues, another centre can cover the system while the problem is fixed.

Cloud phone system features

  • Wondering about video meetings and conference calls? With a cloud system, they’re simple to make and receive using any internet connection.
  • Need call forwarding, call recording, call blocking, live chat or virtual voicemail options for your business? Most cloud phone systems offer these.
  • Cloud-based / VoIP phone setups give smaller organisations big business type features including auto attendant / virtual assistant, caller ID, music on hold, call reports, voicemail transcription, and many others, such as social media integration.

Cloud phone system affordability

  • With less hardware (and often none), cloud phone systems offer the potential to reduce IT costs for companies – both for the initial setup and ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance. Most times, your provider will be able to offer the support you need, freeing up any internal IT staff for higher-level projects.
  • These systems offer cost savings through the myriad features they boast, which then don’t need to be paid for separately.
  • For businesses needing to make international calls, savings can be significant compared to traditional landline phones.

Aria: your cloud phone partner

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