Get the right 1300 business phone number in Perth

Ready to embrace the benefits of a 1300 business phone number in Perth or looking for a business phone system to transform your organisation?

Aria Telco Management understands the power of both 1300 numbers and state-of-the-art cloud based phone systems and can help your Perth company and staff use these tools to fuel efficiency, effective communication and business growth.

1300 numbers can help businesses capture a greater share of the market, are data rich, highly portable and more memorable. Best of all, they’re compatible with business enhancing VOIP or cloud based business phone systems. These systems unlock endless possibilities, such as call conferencing, voicemail to email conversion, call forwarding and the flexibility to login to the system from anywhere there’s internet.

Are your team members based in multiple locations or are you moving your operations? 1300 numbers are powerful because they’re not tied to a geographical location. As for cloud based business phone systems, they help scattered employees stay seamlessly connected and offer more affordability when it comes to overseas and interstate calls.

Want support supersizing your business with a 1300 number or VoIP phone system?

Let Aria Telco Management tailor a transformational telco solution for you.

Why have a 1300 business phone number?

Having a local phone number can be helpful to signal your local presence to customers, however, there are many upsides to low cost 1300 numbers that can support businesses to grow.

  • 1300 business phone numbers can increase your sales reach as customers outside the local area are more likely to call because they don’t associate the number with a certain geographical location.
  • 1300 numbers create credibility and the impression of a more established, larger national business.
  • Customers can call your company at low cost from anywhere in Australia.
  • 1300 numbers are chosen by your business with the goal of being more memorable, allowing for greater recall and sales calls from customers.
  • 1300 provide access to greater levels of data, which can boost sales and service.
  • Calls can be picked up from a landline or mobile and redirection to call centres, landlines and mobile phones is simple.
  • When moving business premises, your 1300 number moves with you – no changes required.

1300 numbers are also compatible with cloud based phone systems, so you can get the best of both worlds!

How cloud phone systems support growth

Innovative cloud based business phone systems are ideal for Perth companies seeking to scale.

They offer improved affordability, especially for businesses with overseas and interstate clients and customers, as calls run over the internet.

They also boast a raft of business boosting and customer service oriented features, including:

  • Video conferencing
  • Menu option facilities
  • Voicemail to email services
  • Auto attendant / virtual receptionist services
  • Simple call forwarding
  • Customers call a local number, even to reach overseas or interstate staff
  • Call recording
  • Music on hold

These professional systems offer exceptional sound quality and can be logged into from anywhere there’s an internet connection, meaning you can still access all features while away from the office or travelling.

They’re also CRM and 1300 business phone number compatible.

Aria: Seamless business phone management

Worried about downtime when switching to a 1300 business phone number or cloud phone system for your Perth business?

Aria Telco Management are experts in managing your telecommunications transitions and are on hand to make the switch seamless and efficient.

We will help guide your decisions along the way too, advising you to understand which business phone number or VoIP business phone system will ultimately be of most benefit to your company, based on your specific needs.

Business phone number Perth FAQs

Q. What is the difference between a 1300 number and a 1800 number?

A. Calls to 1300 numbers are charged to the business and caller. With 1800 numbers, the call is free to the caller and charged to the business.

Q.How much do 1300 numbers cost?

A.Businesses pay a small monthly fee for their 1300 number and pay for calls on top. Talk to us about plan options; we’re happy to run you through it.

Q. Can a business have multiple 1300 numbers?

A. Yes! In fact this is a great, low cost way to monitor how particular ad campaigns are working for your Perth business.