VoIP Business Phone Features

Considering what the best business VoIP phone system is for your Australian enterprise – or ready to find out more about the technology?

VoIP – or Voice over Internet Protocol – phones allow businesses to make calls over the internet and come with a host of incredible, productivity-enhancing features.

These diverse VoIP business phone features not only flawlessly support busy companies to be more efficient and better serve their clients and customers, they also ensure sales leads are not lost.

From hands-free communication to its call recording, conference calling, caller ID, call parking, hoteling, anonymous call rejection, music on hold, menu selection, and exceptionally handy auto attendant or virtual assistant features, a VoIP alternative business phone is essential.

VoIP business phone systems in Australia also offer outstanding clarity in audio and video communications, making them an unrivalled feature-rich business communication tool for thriving organisations.

Key VoIP phone system Features

  • Virtual assistant / Auto attendant / Digital receptionist

This automated feature – which goes by a number of names – helps to better serve clients and make a professional impression.

It can offer callers a menu of options to select from, to direct their call to the most appropriate staff member or department or listen to helpful information, saving crucial employee time for higher-level interactions.

It can allow staff to be dialled by name, be used to answer simple customer queries or provide essential facts (such as opening hours, address changes, holiday hours etc).

  • Voicemail

VoIP phone system systems offer voicemail, ensuring potential sales leads or existing customer calls can be followed up. Messages can be retrieved from any internet-connected device.

Some VoIP phone system can even convert these messages to emails, which are sent to staff.

  • Flexible / portable landline numbers

VoIP phone systems offer superior portability and flexibility for businesses as a VoIP phone number – which looks to clients like a local landline number – can be logged in to from any internet-connected location. This is ideal if team members are overseas or shifting offices.

VoIP software can be installed on smartphones and computers, allowing them to operate as a landline.

  • Faxing

In some industries or businesses, being able to fax documents remains important. Business phone VoIP systems can offer this.

VoIP Business Phone Features: Calling Specific

  • Conferencing calling

Multi-person conference calling – either audio or video – is typically very simple with VoIP business phones, thanks to their innovative design. It’s also generally cheaper because calls are made using an existing internet connection.

This feature means staff can stay connected, no matter where they’re located. It offers screen share options and makes accessing a call from a mobile device or computer possible.

  • Call blocking

VoIP business phones allow staff to block anonymous calls or calls from specific numbers, increasing productivity by limiting time spent on unwanted calls.

  • Call waiting, forwarding routing & recording

The best Australian VoIP phones allow businesses to record calls, which can offer a number of benefits from reviewing sales approaches to protecting companies legally, and more.

Call waiting and forwarding are standard VoIP phone features that are incredibly easy to use. Some systems offer music on hold services or the ability to play customised business information to waiting callers.

Call routing means calls can be forwarded to certain departments or employees at different times of day or year, delivering better customer service and responsiveness.

Ready to embrace VoIP business phones?

VoIP phone systems are highly powerful tools for businesses of all sizes.

Streamlining business operations is critical for efficiency as organisations expand and VoIP business phone systems are very responsive to changing environments. They can easily grow with a company or can support a downsized approach to business, if that’s what’s required.

At Aria Telco Management, we specialise in partnering with companies to help them make the shift to VoIP business phone systems.

We demystify the process, advise on the best systems, plans, hand and headsets for each business, and costs, and manage the transition, while your business continues to run as normal.

Get in touch with the Aria team today.

We make embracing the benefits of VoIP business phone systems easy.

VoIP Business Phone Features FAQs

Looking for a business VoIP phone service near me?

If your Australian company is looking for a business VoIP phone service near me, contact Aria Telco Management today and we’ll support you.

What is the best business VoIP phone system in Australia?

Finding the best business VoIP phone system depends on the unique needs of your business.

Reach out to our expert team today and we’ll advise you on the best system for your business.

Do VoIP business phones have a phone number?

Yes, they do and these VoIP business phone numbers appear to customers like a local landline number.