Move to a cloud-based phone system

More and more Australian businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems and this trend is predicted to grow strongly as an increasing number of organisations recognise the advantages of making this digital shift.

From being easier to implement and use to making multi-site business operations simpler and reducing overheads, moving to a cloud-based phone system is a smart decision for the majority of SMEs.

Another factor driving this change is that traditional analogue phone systems rely on Australia’s copper line network and, as the country’s national broadband network (NBN) and other fibre connections are rolled out, this network is being shut down in many areas. As this continues, many businesses will be forced to switch to mobile or cloud-based phone systems in order to be able to make and receive phone calls.

While cloud-based phone systems have been available for some time, they’re now more sophisticated (thanks to NBN and other fibre networks) and offer very real benefits for businesses of all sizes. They’ve also become increasingly popular now that more companies are using cloud-based storage in other areas of their business

Cloud-based phone systems vs traditional systems

Traditional analogue phone lines use copper wires or optical fibres to connect calls and are connected to a public telephone exchange (or switching) network. These ‘fixed line’ phones require significant amounts of hardware, which increases costs.

Often referred to as internet calling, VOIP or cloud phones, cloud-based phone systems make and receive calls via internet connections. All data is transmitted over the internet and stored in the cloud, as opposed to being stored in hardware that requires a physical location in your office or building.

Traditional phone technology (such as handsets) can be used with cloud-based phone systems but it’s not a must as you can make and receive calls using any computer device (laptop, tablet,  mobile phone etc). A broadband internet connection, however, is essential.

Benefits of cloud-based phone systems


Cloud-based phone systems tend to be significantly cheaper. On average, businesses can save up to 70% on their monthly bill compared to using a traditional fixed line phone system, thanks to better functionality at a lower price.
With less hardware to maintain and fix, there are fewer repair costs. As well, support and software upgrades, if needed, are much easier to access as most things can be done online and remotely.

Easy set up

Old school phone systems require on-site servers, and so tend to be larger and need more room. They also have to be set up, supported and maintained by specialist technicians.

With less need for physical infrastructure, cloud-based phone systems are easy to establish (often it’s a simple ‘plug and play’ exercise) and can use existing technology (such as a laptop or mobile), making them more convenient and more affordable to implement.

Business features

Outstanding features are a major drawcard of cloud-based phone systems.

A long list of features, such as multi-party conference calling, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, unlimited calls, auto attendant answering / receptionist services, menu selection (and more) are generally available.

Many are included as part of your monthly fee or, if not, they’re usually offered at a cheaper rate than with traditional set ups.

As cloud-based phone systems can be managed remotely through simple web interfaces, adding a new phone line, removing a line, or diverting lines as the need arises is extremely fast and easy.

Built for growth

Many of these affordable extra features make it simpler for businesses to scale, and for smaller organisations to compete with larger outfits with bigger budgets.

As everything is run through the internet, calls can also be readily shared and accessed. This makes things like video conference calling, extension dialling, and instant messaging simple. These features pave the way for staff to stay easily connected from multiple locations, whether that be offices in different countries or home offices in separate states, allowing great team communication.

For those wanting heightened security, call encryption can be activated on cloud-based phone systems.


The power of data is no secret and businesses using cloud-based phone systems tend to be able to access more of this, thanks to savvy call analytics features.

For example, if you know where your most profitable calls are coming from and when – which these systems can easily track – your company can use this information to increase market share and fuel business growth.

Great sound quality

These days, cloud-based phone systems offer exceptional sound quality, so your team members can expect to have crystal clear audio when chatting with management, colleagues and customers.


Due to the nature of cloud-based phone systems, they provide fabulous flexibility. As an example, when you’re out of the office, you can answer an incoming office call on your mobile phone, without the customer having to dial a different number.


If you’re worried about changing your business phone number, there’s no need to fret!

Most of the time, your existing number can simply be ported to your new cloud-based phone system. That means, there’s no business downtime during implementation and your old number can stay with you forever.

Embracing a cloud-based digital phone system

Moving to cloud-based phone systems will soon be forced upon many more companies due to parts of Australia’s traditional phone network being shut down but, with all the upsides, there’s no need to wait to be pushed!

At Aria Telco Management, we make your business’ transition to an innovative, growth-fuelling cloud-based phone system seamless.

Our team’s deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry allows us to walk you through the process step-by-step, answer all your questions in plain language, and help you find the best cloud-based phone system deal for your business.

We can also stay on board with your company to ensure you get the best out of your system and support your telecommunications needs 24/7.

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