VoIP only plans

What are VoIP only plans?

If your business would benefit from the convenience, affordability and versatility of VoIP technology but without the need for all the hardware, VoIP only plans are an ideal solution.

VoIP only plans mean there’s no phone system hardware necessary. All calling and messaging features are conducted through the internet. This type of plan is great for those who have existing hardware, during the transition to a VoIP phone system, or as a simple VoIP product that checks all the boxes.

With VoIP-only plans, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection using softphones. Different softphones offer access to advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more. All these features come at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional phone service.

What is a softphone?

Softphones are the name for telephony software that allows users to make and receive calls over the internet. They usually come in the form of a computer program, mobile app, or web browser plugin. Softphones use VoIP technology to send and receive audio data between computers, smartphones and other compatible devices. With a softphone, you can make and receive voice calls with just your device. No need for physical hardware like phone lines or handsets. Softphone apps typically come equipped with all the usual features of a conventional phone such as call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail options and more.

Softphones cover a broad category of programs that differ in price, usability and functionality, so there’s one to suit every small business’s needs.

What are the benefits of softphones and VoIP-only plans?

Softphones offer a variety of benefits for businesses and consumers alike. They are:

Affordable – Often the most cost-effective option, with no expenses for hardware, hardware installation or maintenance.

Versatile – The nature of softphones on VoIP-only plans is that workers can access their business phones wherever they are.

Secure and private – If you’re using a softphone application on business mobile phones, work calls will be made separate from personal contacts and data. Ideal for businesses with a BYOD policy.

Streamlined – Modern-day softphones like we offer at Aria have intuitive interfaces and powerful call functionality, helping to improve your business communication efficiency.

Reasons to switch to a softphone or VoIP only plans

The huge potential for cost savings aside, there are several situations where VoIP only plans make the most sense for a small business.

In this era of remote working and flexible office days, softphones allow your workers to access your business’s phone system, no matter where they’re working from. For employees and customers, it’s no different from the call being taken at their office desk. It’s generally cheaper than using business mobile phone plans, particularly for businesses with heavy call volumes.

For businesses that use hosted PBX systems, a softphone plan means your phone system and your phones themselves will be virtual, hosted safely and securely on the cloud.

Finding your best communications solution

Ultimately, the best outcome is unique to every business, and many of our clients choose to use both softphones and physical phones in combination to fulfil all their communications needs.

At Aria, we pride ourselves on finding solutions for our clients that better suit their business, not the big telcos. We have long-standing relationships with leading providers and manufacturers to help our clients save money and the latest in phone systems technology. And, we’ll manage your accounts personally, so you’ll never have to deal with an overseas call centre again.

So, whether your business needs a softphone plan, an enterprise-level VoIP system or ongoing telco management, we’re here to help.

Ready to chat with us and find the best VoIP only plans for your small business? It’s your call.

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